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Our Mission:

Rising crime. Growing homelessness. Crumbling infrastructure. Crippling debt. High taxes. These are the sad realities in too many of America’s urban areas today, where 80% of all Americans reside.

Democrats occupy the mayor’s office in the overwhelming majority of our country’s largest urban areas and have for decades. Enough is enough.

America needs its cities and towns to be great. And America’s cities and towns need mayors who will prioritize the needs of our diverse citizenry — well funded (not defunded) police and fire departments, expertly maintained streets, beautiful public green spaces, and low taxes on residents and businesses — instead of virtue signaling and wasteful spending on poorly conceived government programs.

In other words, America needs more Republican mayors. And that’s where the Republican Mayors Association (RMA) comes in. In service to our communities and nation, the RMA is dedicated to promoting smaller, more efficient, more transparent, and more accountable municipal government and upholding the safety and security of our citizens by electing and retaining Republican mayors who share these values.

We passionately support strong and effective law enforcement and staunchly oppose efforts to defund or dismantle the police. By advocating for the election of Republican mayors who will champion limited government interference, free markets, fiscal responsibility, smart growth, and individual liberty, we are working to ensure that every city and town in America is safe, vibrant, and prosperous. Embracing the complexity and diversity of our nation’s cities and towns, the RMA is committed to sharing best practices, mentoring and supporting current and future Republican mayors, and upholding conservative principles at the municipal level.