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Dallas Mayor Eric L. Johnson Announces Creation Of Republican Mayors Association

National Organization Focused On Electing, Retaining Pro-Safety, Fiscally Conservative Republican Mayors Across the U.S.

DALLAS, TX — Today, Dallas Mayor Eric L. Johnson announced the formation of the Republican Mayors Association (RMA) to help grow the ranks of Republican mayors in the United States. The mayor will formally introduce the organization at this evening’s Republican National Committee (RNC) Fall Retreat in Dallas.

America needs great cities with great leaders who will prioritize the needs of the citizens they represent. Unfortunately, under Democrat mayors, too many of our cities are failing too many Americans. Currently, 80% of Americans live in urban areas, and only 25 of the 100 largest cities in the United States are led by Republican mayors.

The sad reality is that the far left policies championed by most Democratic mayors have led to rising violent crime, growing homelessness, crumbling infrastructure, high taxes, and business environments that stifle economic growth.

This needs to change.

“I am proud to announce the formation of the Republican Mayors Association,” said Mayor Eric Johnson. “We aim to bring a fresh perspective to urban governance, one that blends traditional conservative values with innovative solutions tailored to the unique challenges cities face. It is my hope that through this association, we can create a network of like-minded mayors who can learn from each other, share best practices, and lead our cities to a brighter future.”

“Liberal policies and the Democrat mayors who champion them have failed millions of Americans in cities all across this country and have for quite some time,” said Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. “I applaud and support Mayor Johnson for spearheading this important national effort to reclaim our cities from the far left policies that have done them so much harm.”

America needs more Republican mayors who are committed to public safety, who practice fiscal restraint, and who understand that lower taxes lead to more jobs and more opportunity.

The RMA will work to ensure that every city and town in America is safe, vibrant, and prosperous by electing and retaining Republican mayors who share these values.

Under Mayor Johnson’s visionary leadership, the RMA will be dedicated to “preserving, protecting, and defending the American Dream, one city at a time.”

To learn more about the RMA, please visit our website:

About Mayor Eric L. Johnson

Eric L. Johnson is the 60th Mayor of Dallas, Texas, the largest municipality in the country with a Republican mayor. First elected in 2019, he was re-elected in 2023 with 98.7% of the vote, breaking a 114-year old record for the highest vote percentage garnered by a mayoral candidate facing any opposition in Dallas history. Prior to becoming mayor, Johnson served as a member of the Texas House of Representatives, where he represented the City of Dallas, from 2010 to 2019.