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GOP Mayors In The News: Historic Announcements And Backing The Blue

“An $800 Million Investment In Our City”

Jeffersonville, IN is well on its way to becoming one of the AI capitals of America, following an historic $800 million investment by Meta.

Recently, Mayor Mike Moore joined Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb to make the news official and formally announce that Meta will be constructing a 700,000 square foot data center in Jeffersonville. This project represents the largest private investment in the city’s history and will create 1,200 construction jobs in addition to the 100 individuals who will be employed at the facility upon completion.

This is indicative of the confidence that companies have in investing major capital in efficiently run cities with Republican mayors. Since first elected in 2011, Mayor Moore has taken Jeffersonville to the next level – bringing in new businesses, good paying jobs, and numerous investments to improve the quality of life of residents.

Republican Mayors Leading The Way

Radical efforts to defund or even eliminate police departments unfortunately still persist across the country. Republican mayors are standing with law enforcement and in strong opposition to these ludicrous proposals.

In Binghamton, NY, the City Council, which is composed entirely of Democrats, included a proposed referendum to dissolve the Binghamton Police Department on its agenda.

Mayor Jared Kraham blasted the City Council for floating the proposal and expressed his strong support for the police and his commitment to keeping the people of Binghamton safe. In response to multiple members of the City Council who considered this a worthwhile discussion to continue, the mayor made his position crystal clear, by stating, “The door is not open, the door is not ajar, this door is shut and locked as it relates to dissolving the Binghamton Police Department."

This week, RMA Chairman and President Eric L. Johnson announced that Dallas, TX signed a Friendship City Agreement with Kharkiv, Ukraine Mayor Igor Terekov. This is another example of Republican mayors leading subnational diplomacy efforts by engaging in mayor to mayor talks on important issues.

Mayor Johnson discussed what this historic agreement means for the future of both cities: “Today’s agreement marks a significant step toward enhancing our ties with Ukraine and will lead to cultural, diplomatic, educational, and economic exchanges that will make Dallas stronger while also helping Kharkiv to rebuild and thrive in the years to come.”

Jobs Corner

Kerrville, TX: Mayor Judy Eychner announced that Megaacrete will build a $40 million, 120,000 square foot headquarters in the city. The facility is slated to open in 2025 and create 40 initial primary jobs.

Muskogee, OK: Mayor Marlon Coleman announced that Stardust Power, a developmental stage manufacturer of battery-grade lithium products selected the city as the site to build its new battery-grade lithium refinery.

Brownsville, TX: Mayor John Cowen attended a ribbon cutting for the opening of Longhorn Steakhouse, a step forward for more growth and economic development.