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GOP Mayors In The News: Solutions And Inroads In Cities Across The Country

Manchester, NH: Real Solutions To Homelessness

Manchester, NH Mayor Jay Ruais is delivering on a key campaign promise by taking action on the city’s homeless crisis.

On Wednesday, Mayor Ruais delivered his first State of the City address at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, where he spent a majority of his time directly address this issue. The mayor announced eight new initiatives he will deploy in addition to actions he has already implemented. Among the initiatives proposed by Mayor Ruais include creating homeless courts, banning camping in the city, and additional funding for shelters and human service agencies.

In his remarks on this topic, Mayor Ruais noted, “For those in Manchester who want and need help, we will work with you to break the cycle in which you find yourself. But do not mistake our compassion and empathy for indifference to the law: understand we will have no patience for lawlessness.”

Republican Mayors Leading The Way

Unfortunately, for years, in many cases Republicans have written off certain cities, claiming that they were “too blue” for our party or candidates to be successful.

However, with the right candidate, who has the right message and is willing to put in the work, Republicans can win anywhere in the country. Recently, Politico ran an article discussing this very topic, highlighting the success Republicans have had in communities in Pennsylvania with significant Latino populations.

In the once Democratic stronghold of Hazleton, PA, Republican Mayor Jeff Cusat was reelected to a third term in a landslide in 2023. More than 60 percent of Hazleton’s population is Latino, and Mayor Cusat has prided himself on building strong ties with the community, reaching out directly, and even visiting a city in the Dominican Republic where many Hazelton residents were born, to better understand their culture.

Mayor Cusat’s outreach and success has gained recognition, Politico stated that his efforts “may serve as a model for how the GOP might change tactics… if they’re successful.”

We’re committed to making sure that more Americans have a choice at the ballot box when they go to vote for their mayor – they deserve Republican candidates who will fight for their votes.

Don’t Miss This!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out. For his final State of the City address, Mesa, AZ Mayor John Giles enlisted the help of rock n’ roll legend Alice Cooper for a Star Wars themed introductory video.

Watch the video here.

In addition, Mayor Giles released a series of videos highlighting his strong record of accomplishment and the people who have been behind some of these critical programs since he was first elected mayor in 2014.

Downtown Mesa Evolution

Mesa and Experience Corps Addressing Literacy

Jobs Corner

Elk Grove, IL: Mayor Craig Johnson presented a $750,000 grant to fund the expansion of Elk Grove High School’s Culinary Manufacturing Lab. The mayor noted that this investment in skills training for students will, “help serve as a pipeline to fill job openings and grow future entrepreneurs.”

Columbia, SC: Mayor Daniel Rickenmann celebrated the approval of a $94.5 million 300-unit apartment complex project that will create hundreds of construction jobs.