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Republican Mayors Association Announces 2024 National Leadership

DALLAS, TX – The Republican Mayors Association (RMA) today announced the inaugural members of the RMA Advisory Board. Appointments to the Advisory Board were made following a meeting of the members of the National Board of the RMA on December 28, 2023.

The mayors selected for the Advisory Board will play an integral role in advancing the priorities of the RMA, including identifying, organizing, protecting, and growing the ranks of Republican mayors across the country and engaging with key stakeholders throughout our nation’s cities.

“After a successful 2023 election cycle for Republican mayors across the country, the RMA is heading into 2024 with a full head of steam, eager to work to bring the principles of fiscal conservatism, public safety, and smaller, more accountable government to more of America’s urban areas,” said RMA Chairman and President Eric L. Johnson. “Our country cannot be great without great cities, and today’s announcement is the RMA’s next step toward helping to preserve, protect, and defend the American Dream, one city at a time. I am honored that so many Republican mayors have expressed an interest in serving in RMA leadership positions, and I am confident that with this founding core, together we will grow the Republican Party and expand opportunity for millions of Americans who live in our nation’s cities."

Members of the RMA Advisory Board will serve for a calendar year, beginning on January 1, 2024.

RMA National Board

Dallas Mayor Eric L. Johnson was voted as President of the RMA by the National Board at its most recent meeting. In addition, the following individuals were voted onto the RMA National Board: Tommy Hicks, Co-Chairman Emeritus of the RNC; William Palatucci, RNC Committeeman from New Jersey; Brian Schimming, Chairman of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

The other members of the RMA National Board are Mary Elbanna, Founder and CEO of Adept Strategies, and former Mayor of San Diego, California Kevin Faulconer. (All titles listed are for identification purposes only and RMA National Board members are serving in their individual capacities).

RMA Advisory Board

The RMA Advisory Board comprises current Republican mayors selected by the RMA National Board to serve one-year, renewable terms that will run from January 1st to December 31st. The RMA Advisory Board will advise the RMA Chairman and President and the RMA National Board on efforts to grow the organization and enhance its effectiveness.

McAllen, Texas Mayor Javier Villalobos was voted the inaugural Chairman of the RMA Advisory Board by the RMA National Board at its most recent meeting. Villalobos was elected mayor in 2021, becoming the first Republican to serve as Mayor of McAllen in a century.

“I look forward to working with Mayor Johnson and my colleagues on the RMA Advisory Board to help grow this organization into a powerful tool that will help elect more Republican mayors and introduce more Americans who live in our cities to the benefits of sound Republican leadership," said RMA Advisory Board Chairman Javier Villalobos. “There are no excuses: with the right candidates who deliver the right message, Republicans can win in every city across America. Let’s get to work.“

Joining Mayor Villalobos and Mayor Johnson (ex officio) on the RMA Advisory Board are: Ronald Morrell, Jr., Mayor of Marion, Indiana and Erin Stewart, Mayor of New Britain, Connecticut.

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