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Republican Mayors Lead On Public Safety


Mayor Bobby Dyer: Violent Crime Is Down In Virginia Beach
Mayor Jay Ruais: Bail Law Is Hurting Public SafetyMayor Jean Stothert: We Rejected The Defund The Police Movement
When it comes to issues of public safety and violent crime, Republican mayors don’t talk, they act.

Over the last two weeks, Democrat mayors have received press for “embracing conservative anti-crime measures. Axios noted that this is a “surprising and stark reversal for Democrats.” Even suggesting that this about face is the result of public opinion polls, “The changes expose intense pressure on Democrats to adopt tougher anti-crime laws and policies they once ridiculed — and reflect rising fears about violent crime among voters on both ends of the political spectrum.”

For Republican mayors across the country keeping residents safe and combatting crime has always been a genuine commitment, not one dictated by polls. It’s why according to a recent study, 12 of the 15 safest cities in America according to Forbes with a population over 100,000 residents are led by Republican mayors.
The RMA released a statement on this issue earlier this week: “Driven by polls, Democrat mayors are now reversing course on issues of public safety. We all remember when these same politicians led the charge for horrible practices like non-prosecution of theft and called for police budgets to be slashed. Republican mayors are committed to keeping residents safe, and will continue to do so.”

Over the last week, Republican mayors across the country once again demonstrated their strong support for law enforcement and public safety.

In Aurora, CO, Mayor Mike Coffman welcomed 29 new police academy graduates to the police force. This is the largest graduating class for the city in four years.
Seventeen new officers are joining the the Omaha Police Department. This is on the heels of increased funding and salaries for officers.

As Mayor Jean Stothert pointed out, “When everybody was talking about defunding the police, I actually raised the police budget that year.”

Fontana, CA added three new police officers, continuing to fulfil a promise Mayor Acquanetta Warren made to add more officers throughout this term.

Manchester, NH turned into, “ground zero for a revolving door system for criminals,” because of past actions. Mayor Jay Ruais who took office this year wants to do something about this - he is calling on legislators to take action to hold repeat violent offenders accountable. The mayor is asking for legislators to eliminate personal recognizance bail for all felony charges, and require anyone who is arrested while on bail to go before a judge for a new bail hearing.

Virginia Beach, VA is the third safest city with a population over 300,000 residents. In his State of the City Address Mayor Bobby Dyer attributed this to investments in the police force which includes a new police department headquarters. He also discussed a new Real Time Crime Center to increase safety.
Republican Mayors Leading The Way
Mayor Douglas Nicholls: Creating An Environment Where People Choose They Want To Live Here
Prioritizing a STEM education to prepare students for in demand jobs has long been a passion and priority for Yuma, AZ Mayor Douglas Nicholls.

Mayor Nicholls spearheaded and serves as the Chairman of Elevate Southwest. The initiative which was launched in 2020 is focused on combining education and entrepreneurship to propel the Greater Yuma Region into a center of excellence for high-tech and sustainable agriculture, nurturing innovation and growth.

Trough this effort Yuma is building stronger, robust workforce and cementing itself as a destination for innovators and place where more people want to work and live.
Mayor President Monique Blanco Boulet: Vision For Revitalization Of Downtown Lafayette
A large-scale revitalization plan is coming to Lafayette, LA, Mayor President Monique Blanco Boulet announced.

In a breakfast with downtown business leaders and organizations, Mayor President Blanco Boulet made clear that she believes that the downtown area is poised for growth and represents a key driver for jobs and economic opportunity. The editorial board for one of the largest papers agreed, and praised Mayor-President Blanco Boulet’s vision for revitalizing the city: “Finally, the residents of north Lafayette are getting a clear message that, at least with infrastructure projects, they are no longer being overlooked.”
Jobs Corner
Peoria, AZ: Mayor Jason Beck attended a groundbreaking ceremony for “The Trailhead,” a transformational project for the city that will include a massive shopping center.

Santa Clarita, CA: Mayor Cameron Smyth is focused on expanding job opportunities for individuals with special needs. The mayor hosted a brunch where business leaders talked about the benefits of a diverse workforce. The mayor noted, “When we open doors for every member of our society, we enrich our workforce with diverse perspectives and skills. This commitment to inclusivity strengthens our community, fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can contribute to our collective progress and success.”

Naperville, IL: Mayor Scott Wehrli announced that The Cheesecake Factory, Stan’s Donuts, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, CAVA, Walter E. Smithe Furniture, First Watch, and Shake Shack signed pre-leasing agreements to be a part of a new entertainment area in the city.